Their level of service sets them apart.

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To Whom It May Concern:

Festival City Cleaners has had our cleaning contract since 2008. Dan and Kim Lauze are very easy to work and will deal with any issues immediately and they accommodate what we require as our production schedules change. The employees that they have on-site are very pleasant to deal with and the cleaning tasks in the offices are scheduled in such a way as to keep interruptions to the staff to a minimum. There seems to be a low employee turn-over rate at Festival City Cleaners as the on-site personnel have been here for some time now.

Festival City Cleaners is certainly committed to improving their quality. We have a tile floor in our lobby that is difficult to clean but they continued to search for the right tool until they found it. Their rates are competitive with other companies but I believe their level of service sets them apart.

Based on their rates, level of service, and ability to manage time and people, I would certainly recommend Festival City Cleaners to another company.


Exemplary in its service

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This family owned cleaning business has been servicing the cleaning requirements at our organization for the past six years, and I have been the principal liaison with owners Dan and Kim Lauzé for the past five years.
This business is exemplary in its service. Their standards of cleanliness are very high and their dedication to service is excellent. Over the years, any request for special or additional services has been provided without delay or difficulty. Their staff is courteous and efficient, often suggesting details of cleaning that may have otherwise been overlooked.

St. Marys, Ontario

Awarded 3 year contract

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Festival City Cleaners was awarded a 3 year contract with my organization beginning February of this year.

The quality and thoroughness of the service the agency has received by the staff of Festival City Cleaners to date has been excellent. Their staff are friendly, cooperative, proactive in reporting concerns, and receptive regarding any concerns brought to them on behalf of the agency.

It is my pleasure to provide this reference letter for them.


Stratford, Ontario

Letter of Recommendation for Festival City Cleaners (FCC).

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I Contracted Festival City Cleaners for janitorial services. Our site was 240,000 square feet with 300 employees. Over the 2 years I was there, Dan LauzĂ© and his team provided excellent service and value to our organization. FCC was always open to constructive comments and addressed any concerns very quickly. Their ‘on floor’ leadership was pleasant and responsive. I would recommend them to any industrial or commercial establishment.

St. Thomas, Ontario

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