Mission Statement

Festival City Cleaners located in Stratford Ontario is dedicated to do the highest
Quality cleaning in factories and offices in the Stratford area.

We give our employees the proper training and equipment to keep our standards high.
We strive to build a long lasting relationship with our clients by quality cleaning & competitive pricing.
We also always do our best to protect the environment.
We want to be part of your solution.


Festival City Cleaners and our employees care about the environment, we are all involved in make our planet a better place to live for us and our families.

We work with our customers to reduce, reuse and recycle where ever possible.
We do this by working with our customers to make or follow recycling programs that work.

Festival City Cleaners has changed the way thing are done as well. We have reduced the amount of paper products being used by changing to using cleaning cloths and washing these out and reusing them. This sounds simple but this little change has saved 3900 rolls or 3900 pounds per year of paper towel that would have gone to the landfill site.

Festival City Cleaners has changed a lot of the harmful chemicals that we once used for more safe and environmental friendly ones were possible and constantly monitor new and up coming products. We now using 100% recycled garbage bag and these are also 100% bio degradable.

This is just a start of the changes we all need to make to keep Festival City Cleaners and your facility a greener safer place to work.

(c) 2018 Festival City Cleaners | created by Collin Gibson Creative